Shopping Fast vs Fast Shopping

Have you ever tried to stop yourself eating sugar or wheat? What about stopping yourself from buying another item to wear or purchasing yet another decorative piece for your home?

Sound radical? Then it just might be the time for you to try a shopping fast. Restrict yourself for a period of time (1 month, 2 months, 3 months or even a year) of not making any purchases except for necessities.

What is a necessity? I’ve asked women for their thoughts and we all included make-up replacement a necessity. Of course purchases for meals is a no-brainer. Set your own definition for what is a necessity then have an accountability partner and begin your fast. Report in as your success mounts. Cheer yourself on.

You may have a goal in mind for saving that extra money for a special mission group or project to help others. The goal is to get your focus off shopping as an emotional band aid or distractor from something that you want to develop in your character.

It is freeing and refreshing to take a break from shopping. You may want to give gifts for the next year out of items in your own home. Let family and friends know what you are doing in advance so they can accept the gift in the spirit from which it comes. Who knows, you may start a family expedition into giving from what they already have. You will help wake up the land of Stuff that we live in to see the needs of others more clearly.

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