Let’s first define what a Smooth Organizer is not.  It is not someone who is ultra-fastidiously organized that is hell-bent on constantly keeping everything neat and tidy.  A Smooth Organizer has set their goal to initially or decided now to put boundaries on what and how much stuff will be allowed to reside in the home.  Each item should be needed, have a purpose which includes a few being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Then each item is placed where retrieving or using or viewing it will be optimally efficient.  The end-goal is to live in such a way that should the need suddenly arise to list the home for sale or a moved is required, the home could be listed in one month without too much stress.  Being a Smooth Organizer also allows that person to return to a more calm and balanced life when one of those uproars or twisters of life hits, like a personal injury, an illness or family crisis.

To achieve the goal of being able to list a home, if necessary, in 30-days requires being intentional about setting time aside to get the home in that kind of order and there is a method to do that but will those instructions will come with the next blog.  Right now, just set the intention to take regular action to reach the goal.  That may include some financial budgeting to address those home maintenance, repair, or upgrades.

The first step in organizing is to sort through every drawer, closet, and room, including the garage, to identify that object is needed and used.  If it is not, then it should either be given away, sold or donated to a charity with a mission that aligns with your heart.  That makes giving the item away less painful knowing the sale of the item will help others.  Check out other blogs on how to have a gifting party.

Take regular bags and boxes of no longer used items to the charity and bless someone with the stuff that you were, in essence, storing in your home.  Give your grown kids a deadline to remove everything they have been storing in your home and threaten to donate it at the deadline.  Let them know you are serious.

In a short amount of time, you will only those items in your home that you need and use, along with a few beautiful things.

Just keep in mind that at any moment you could be taking your last breath.  Who will be responsible for taking care of all those things?  Be a blessing to them by getting the job done of letting go of many things now.

Think about what your children or that responsible person will be saying about you and how much you have collected and stored in your home.  Be a blessing to them by acting now.  Determine to set your goal, be intentional about it and take action to achieve it.  

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