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How Smooth Organizers came to be

Want to step into your home and feel like you’ve stepped into your own comfy, charming B&B? If you want to know the method and steps to get to that place this video will encourage you to get moving. When was the last time you hosted a dinner party, casual or more formal? Could you step into your kitchen with bags of groceries and have room to place them on the countertop? Watch this video and see how you can do it.

The Garage May Have Buried Treasure

Often I suggest that you host a gifting party to offload some of your unwanted kitchen dishes or home items but don’t overlook the garage.
If you’re lucky enough to still have your Father around please enjoy him while you have him. Earlier this week I heard a woman share about the tools in the garage that she and her sisters fought…

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Shopping Fast vs Fast Shopping Have you ever tried to stop yourself eating sugar or wheat? What about stopping yourself from buying another item to wear or purchasing yet another decorative piece

Life Saver, A Success Story

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The garage may have buried treasure

Father’s Day is here and too often we overlook buried treasure out in that garage. Gifting Parties in the Garage? Often I suggest that you host a gifting party to offload

How to Become a Smooth Organizer . . .

Let’s first define what a Smooth Organizer is not.  It is not someone who is ultra-fastidiously organized that is hell-bent on constantly keeping everything neat and tidy.  A Smooth Organizer

How to prepare a large dinner gathering

Ever wonder if you could host a dinner again?  Is life too chaotic for dinner gatherings?  Does life seem too chaotic to host a dinner? It is possible to host

Doobie Drawers

I was surprised and thrilled to see what, I was teaching a client put into action right in front of me in a moment!  He understood the method of sorting,

How to handle inherited stuff?

Parents and grandparents along with aunts and uncles are now leaving behind more stuff than can be imagined and, in truth, no one wants it.  Tastes of millennials is not

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