I am beginning 2017 thankful to be alive!

I felt like I drank 30 cups of coffee on Thursday, a week before
Thanksgiving. That didn’t sound right to the women at Bible study I had gone to so they had me talk to a
nurse at the hospital. She told me to head directly to the ER. Off we went. Found out my sodium level was
dangerously low and I’d need to stay in the hospital until Sunday morning!

Lucky to be alive!

The next morning the doctor said, “You are lucky to be alive!” The issue was a dangerously low sodium level due to medication and that
caused me to get dangerously close to a seizure state and then death. Three more nights of sodium dripping
into my veins got me home Monday morning. Then just a few things to get done before twelve adults and
five kids showed up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Plan before the chaos hits

Arriving home I flew into gear, high on being alive and thankful for family; I bought the necessary
fresh ingredients, thankfully pre-scheduled house cleaners arrived and got the house sparkling, and ready to
receive out of state company too. I could not believe how much energy I felt just being alive and thankful.
The day was packed with good food and laughter and joy.

Being organized increases generosity

I’m so thankful being a Smooth Organizer helped me
handle the hurdles and pulled me through the celebratory event. You can definitely increase your level of generosity as a smooth organizer.

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