Parents and grandparents along with aunts and uncles are now leaving behind more stuff than can be imagined and, in truth, no one wants it.  Tastes of millennials is not like their parents and grandparents. So, what do you do with all the inheritance stuff along with what you have accumulated over the years?  Have your asked your kids they want from your stuff when you breathe your last?  Just ask them to identify what they specifically want from all your furniture and decorations and mementos; you will most likely be surprised.  Do them and yourself a favor and decide now what to do with your stuff.  Bless someone with it! Or at least the proceeds from it.

I truly thought my kids would want a few select pieces of baby-gear from their childhood.  NOT!  It was “too 80’s!” is what I heard so, it went to my favorite thrift store since it was still in great condition.  The profits from the items blessed the thrift store’s mission and someone purchased what they needed at a low price.

Tips to avoid inheriting all your parents’ stuff.

1. Spend quality time now

Spend time now with your parent and grandparent now, that is what they really want. Hear the story behind each special piece that is so precious to them.  Ask where they want it to go one day.  Record their answers.  You might take one weekend a month to go through everything.  Your time with them will bring them such delight.

2.   Consider an Estate Sale

Find an estate sale person to price each item for you so you can hold your own estate sale.  They usually have an hourly rate and a minimum of time required.  It is well worth your time and money.

3.   Research drop off locations

Find out which mission behind a local thrift store grabs their heart so you will know where to donate the items you cannot find a ‘home’ for.  Do the thrift store proceeds help the homeless, single mothers, search and rescue dogs, or a mission overseas?

4.  Prepare ahead of time

Ask where they want the proceeds from the sale of their items to be donated.  Have several options ready for them.

5.  Sell online

Do an online search to see if there is a market for your parent’s art, furniture, china, crystal or silver.  It is the rare millennial who will want to polish silver.  

  • Offerup is a great solution Learn more here.
  • Ebay will give you a great price range based on what else is selling.

6.  Read our blog or request a topic

We really want others to understand how to Calm their chaos! I even wrote a book on it! Our blog here covers all sorts of topics to assist you in processing your stuff.

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