Charlie is a good example of how HOW2GetOrganized comes alongside people in need of having their home in top shape, even spectacular shape, to get top dollar on the sale of their home.  Why let an additional $25,000-$50,000 go when your home can be the draw to that one buyer that falls in love your home.

Charlies’ circumstances caused him to put his home on the market in 30 days and it had 20 plus years of accumulation and collections to corral.  He called me in after meeting me about 10 years prior.

He was definitely a pack-rat.  We set out to group items that were alike, for example, his holiday decorations.  He whittled the mound down to what he could sell online and what he would share with his ex-spouse and what he would take with him to his next smaller residence; smaller by 1/3 of the space he was living in.


We purged his child’s closet and gathered three garbage bags of quality clothing that no longer fit his 13-year-old. A non-profit that supplies clothing for school children on the lunch program benefited from all the clothing.

Another thrift store that is transforming a community in Peru through the proceeds of sales benefited from eight carloads of toys, costumes, games, and beautiful suits that no longer fit Charlie. Together Charlie and I went through every closet and drawer to find things to donate or put in the pile to take with him.

Charlie had the kitchen and entry wood floors refinished and a professional cleaning service polished up every room and the bathrooms.


After 3½ weeks of working daily, the realtor had the professional photographs taken.  The realtor was thrilled with the progress and how well we met the deadline for the listing.

Charlie generously offered to do a video for me because he was so thrilled with our accomplishments. You can view it at:

Even if you are not in the place where you must put your home on the market in 30 days, that is a good goal to start heading toward now.  Don’t put it off. Put regular time into your weekly schedule to tackle each room and downsize.       


If you know of anyone needing to sell their home in 30 days or less, please send them my way! A home organizer is a great solution to an overwhelmed buyer.

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