Surprises and Wins When Organizing a Home

I often use the kitchen as a lab to teach the steps in organizing any room of the home and what I run into can be so fun and funny. As I worked with an architect who wanted to see what I could do in his kitchen, we found many things that belonged in his garage so we set those things on the table to be moved to the garage.

Keep what you need and use

We sorted through everything in each cupboard and drawer and I taught him to keep what he needed and used in the kitchen. Then we went one more step and grouped ‘like things’: cereals, snacks, baking items. I knew he got the concept when I reached above the microwave and pulled out a baggie with what might have been oregano. I started to place it on the countertop and that is when I saw the small ashtray with four doobies. Then I realized the baggie most likely contained marijuana. That is legal in Washington.

Sorting solutions

As I was going through that little process he was watching me and without a word he opened up a narrow drawer beside the stove and removed a couple things. He placed the doobies in the ashtray and the baggie of marijuana in the drawer and I was thrilled that he completely understood the concept of sorting and keeping what he used and need by putting the ‘like things’ together! I had just witnessed my first Doobie Drawer being created! He acted embarrassed that he had not offered me a hit. I declined as I had one more appointment that day and a long drive home.

Be Generous and gift

You may not be creating your own doobie drawer but do sort through every cupboard and drawer and keep only what you use and need. Be ruthless with yourself and keep in mind that there are plenty of people that could purchase that stuff at a thrift store if you just stopped storing it in your home. Be generous and gift others with your Stuff. You will feel the freedom and lightness that having less brings you and the joy of blessing others with your stuff.

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