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How Smooth Organizers came to be

Want to step into your home and feel like you’ve stepped into your own comfy, charming B&B? If you want to know the method and steps to get to that place this video will encourage you to get moving. When was the last time you hosted a dinner party, casual or more formal? Could you step into your kitchen with bags of groceries and have room to place them on the countertop? Watch this video and see how you can do it.

The Garage May Have Buried Treasure

Often I suggest that you host a gifting party to offload some of your unwanted kitchen dishes or home items but don’t overlook the garage.
If you’re lucky enough to still have your Father around please enjoy him while you have him. Earlier this week I heard a woman share about the tools in the garage that she and her sisters fought…

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Reasons for downsizing

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The Golden Rule of Downsizing

  When I approach an organizing project, I like to keep a goal in mind. The goal is usually something the client and I work out together. Then, as we


Particularly for sentimental items, consider this strategy I often practice. Find someone—family or friend—who will value the thing you are giving away. Then, as you present the item to them,

Its Ok, I Get It.

Experiencing Office Overwhelm?, Looking to Downsize? I can help!

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