Host a Giving Party

Goal/Purpose of a Giving Party

First Step in downsizing is to reduce what you have collected and accumulated over the years that you no longer need or use or is taking up too much space.

The Stuff needs a new home.

How to do a Giving Party

Invite all your friends over.  

Have everything you would like to give away gathered on the dining room table or the kitchen island counter top or a table(s) on the patio if weather allows or the garage.  

Reassure your guests there is no pressure to take anything. Your goal is to bless your friends before blessing people at the thrift store. What remains will be taken to a thrift store that has a great mission behind it.

As your guests sip a beverage, pick up each item and tell them the story behind the item i.e. “Aunt Eva always served the best green bean casserole in this dish at family gatherings or when she entertained.  She was precious to me and I want you or someone you know to have this in memory of Aunt Eva.”

Then hand the item to your friend.  It now has a loving new home and you won’t just be storing it any longer.

End of Party

Box or bag up the items left that have not been taken and drive them to your favorite thrift store.

Feel the blessing of giving and sleep well that night.