About Elisa

After raising two sons (and training two husbands), and moving over twenty times, Elisa Hawkinson is a master at organizing a home and a life. Since 2000, she has been helping people through her HOW2GETORGANIZED seminars, workshops, and hands-on personal coaching to bring order out of their cluttered homes and lives. Now she shares all her secrets in her new book Calming Your Chaos, hoping it inspires readers to take the action steps necessary to experience self-improvement and happier, healthier, and clutter-free lives.

Nice to meet you!

I am so glad we are meeting right now.  I am ready to help you and I know either my services as an organizer or by reading my book – you will get the help you need to bring calm to your chaos.

I also understand the power of making a connection. A face-to-face meeting or an initial phone conversation goes a long way, so let’s get started!

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Do you have a project that you want to start with?, Do you need someone to hold you accountable in order to reach your goal? Do you have a specific timeframe to get the job done?